22 august 2006

det nærmar seg eitt år og her er skrift

Norway … wild, mountainous landscapes, glaciers, fjords, islands and islets are onirics. Who doesn’t dream to step one day into the Artic Circle and contemplate (at least one time) the Land of the Midnight Sun where in summer the sun doesn’t set, and in winter the land remains dark for long periods of time.

Norwegians hold the reputation in Europe of being neat and new-fangled life’s precursors. As their territory inflicts on them amazing vibes, their artist folk are special characters. It’s not surprising that Norwegian saxophonist Karl Seglem brings together music and poetry, inspired by the beautiful landscapes that he transforms into peaceful soundscapes.

New North harbours peaceful scenery, recalled and painted by the goat horn and Seglem’s tenor. To this he has added some fusion instruments and abstractions. The result is without a doubt a winning new release.“Med Jesus Vil Eg Fara” and "Sullan Lullan" are traditional psalms and song. Karl Seglem has marvellously arranged them without losing their thoughtful and poignant meaning. Berit Opheim’s voice is breathtaking. “Ny Avskjed-New Goodbye”, “Edge” and “Ritual” are perfect pieces of smooth jazz loaded with melodious textures. All tracks have a poetic print that invites meditation and solace.

Not only is Karl Seglem an accomplished musicimarvelouslyan, he is also a poet, proving that inspiration comes from our spirit. The spirit is memory and fidelity, fantasy and invention, poetry and will. But … spirit is not a substance, it is an act. Only in humans is the brain able to transform spirit into an act and often in the present moment.

New North is pure poetic jazz, acting out from Seglem’s spirit.

Reviewed by: Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez
Review: http://www.jazzreview.com/cd/review-18088.html

04 august 2006


før var det rikeleg med plass rundt mange bord med kvite dukar
halvfeite, morosame kelnerar med pondus
som serverte deg det du ba om

no står du sveitt i ein kjip kø og høyrer
mikrobølgevarmeovnen plinga
det stinkar dårleg ikkje mat
du må betala eitthundreogsytten kroner for ei pølse med brød og eit glas raudvin
løken du skal ha på pølsa er ikkje skikkeleg kutta
femten plastplassar er det til å sitta å eta
det endar med at ein står
dama bak disken er sveitt og forkava og har ikkje vekslepengar

rått og rote

toget mot bergen
toget mot oslo
det er ei anna tid

det er ikkje sant at alt var betre før seier dei
det er ikkje til å forstå
forstår det så vel