11 oktober 2007


I must give a great and heartly THANKS to Dagobert Böhm and Ozella Music. I apreciate very much his engagement in my music - and his work. He has been with us the hole tour - with his CD stand, selling CDs and giving the best. Sale has been up and down I guess, but still very important that he takes the time to do this - for this music and his label. It is really great.
And again: I can not tell how much I apreciate it
On our way to Bochum we stopped again at a music store: Musik Produktiv. Some of us bought more music equipment.

Olav with is brand new headset (Sennheiser state of the art headset), here with veloure patches for the ears. He tried it hard as you can see. This is how it went (and look at that T-shirt:

We did another nice concert in Bochum at Banhof Langedreer. Nice venue :-) And when I arrived I realised that I played there in year 2000 with Utla.