03 oktober 2007


These two guys are good guys. I am very happy that Ingo (left) does the sound on this Tour. Great man - great sound, and a very nice and polite man to work with. He has been on the road more than one day before this Tour :-). And driver Roland with his GPS will guide us safe through the day and nights on the forthcoming kilometers. It´s the first Tour in Germany where we – or I, have a driver - and this makes a big difference. We can concentrate even more on what we are here for: play good music.

First and only? (hopefully) day off, on the tour. Easy drive to a proper hotel in Rüsselsheim – with internet, so I could post this blog. On the road Gjermund and Olav continued to struggle with mobilephones, iSync and Mac´s adressbook, now including Helge preparing his names and adresses on his phone. Very happy he started doing this. Clean his mobile for old and useless numbers, like the numbers to his boys kindergartens – they are grown up now (soon). ”Time goes by” – so fast -
Olav bought an incredible cheap and bad looking mobilephone – since is SIM card is crapped. Håkon found his way to the Sauna – and then to the Ratskeller to eat some heavy German meat. This he loves. Dagobert and me had good indian food. We finished the night at the place we are playing tomorrow: das Rind. Looked great – but not a poster or a flyer to see – this makes me a bit frustrated. Anyhow: we will play. And not a word tonight about Berlin.......


Anonymous Anonym said...

hello karl,helge,hakon,gjermund,olav (+ingo+roland) - all our best wishes for the concert tonight (and all to follow) you play such good music that HUNDREDS should be at your concerts EVERYTIME...best wishes, your truest fans from southern germany

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