02 oktober 2007



Here is great Gjermund bass just before he is getting his breakfast. The place is Haus Johanna in Einbeck. No more to say about it. His egg was also cold, hard, green and tasteless. Pink confetti-room did not help. But he looks happy.
We used more than four hours on the trip to Fulda. Only 160 kilometers. The first stau: 9 km long appeared. Since some of us has a mac, some of us, I mean Gjermund and Olav used the time well?– to dive into iSync and adressbook. Trying to find new ways to set up things, and transfering data via bluetooth from mac to mobile. My mac is totally wasted when it comes to battery. I can not use it without power. I am not shure how it went. Had the feeling that it was not a big success, something always happens with these computers ☺

German word of the day: UNSICHTSBAR Dago had left the building when we had breakfast – or he was not visible. We are not shure.

Third concert at Kulturkeller in Fulda. I am thinking that this band is way too good to play concerts like this anymore. It´s not worth it. It drag me down, I have done it too many times. Even if I am not Michael Jackson – as Jörg Bachmann commented yesterday, I am too good, the band is too good, and I know that the potensial to reach a bigger audience with my music is big – IF the promotors also works for this, with posters, press, radio. Work much harder, better than the promotor in Fulda. The twenty people that was there was very very powerful, a very good audience. We did a very nice gig – again. Different and on the edge. But absolute last time in Fulda without getting paid. Paid what we are worth for more people that comes to hear Karl Seglem. Thank you for your kindness Minni – it was great to be there – but I am sorry to say that it might be the last time - under such conditions. Remember: It´s a long way from Norway to Fulda.


Anonymous Anonym said...

dear karl and boys, i am so sorry for this.all of you are such incredibly good and gifted musicians - so, HEADS UP again - the best is yet to come.with all our best wishes from reitze, JOACHIM+ASTRID

3:50 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Kjære alle - kjekt å følge med på hva dere driver med. Lover Gjermund bløtkokt egg til frokost hjemme - og i dag ble fryseren full av fårikålkjøtt. Trist at det kommer så lite folk for å høre den prima musikken - perler for ...... Men det er vel kanskje slik at man må ta Manhattan før man kan ta Berlin..
Alle gode ønsker for resten av turneen!
Hilsen Gjett Hvem

9:10 p.m.  

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