06 oktober 2007


BERLIN – LEIPZIG (concert)
Here is the band after the concert:
It was a great pleasure to come to Leipziger Jazztage. After playing on smaller venues it was so fantastic to get on stage at the Shauspielhaus. Such a fantastic audience, nearly 500 people I think, and such nice treatment from the technical crew there. It was like the music got both a lift and energy beiing played on this type of stage - with so much air, space, and for a festival audience. We had a great time on stage – and could have played for hours. I had a nice meeting with Bert Noglik and did an interview with him. I am so happy and honoured that he invited us to the festival. The concert was also recorded and will be transmitted on radio. This evening was the highlight of the tour so far. I am very glad, happy, inspired writing this. Ready to go the Plauen to prove that I earn the Einsteiner Eversteiner Preis ☺