05 oktober 2007


A quiet day. Mainly I stay at the hotel working on my Mac. Writing e-mails, paying bills, and keep on thinking about the Berlin gig that might not be happening? It´s depressing. Music business is not fair. Kulturbrauerei does not want to do the concert because they have not sold any tickets in advance. I think it is a very defensive way to act as a promotor. They knew about this gis months ago. Actually it was one of the first gigs booked on this tour. We want to play in Berlin – not sit on just another bar spending time. I´m trying to not let it drag me down, thinking that we deserves much better work – but I know that it is difficult to sell this music – but not that difficult ☺
In Rüsselsheim (the word Rüssels means the nose of the elephant Torstein B. told me!) we played a nice gig for not many people – but good people. That´s what counts?
Look at the pedal board of Olav.