09 oktober 2007


PASSAU-KÖLN (concert)
Not so much to say tonight. Or I am not the right person to say it :-) I don´t know what it is that makes these things happening. I thought it was over - way back in time. I would like to thank the fantastic musicians I am working with at this moment. We have a wonderful collaboration - and every night has been on the edge. We dare to develope and take new chances in the music. This is something very special - and not a "daily" thing between musicians. It is a fantastic feeling to be on stage with Håkon, Gjermund, Helge and Olav, and Ingo: a great sound-engineer. I think and know we can develope as a band playing my music. I am really inspired composing new things - for a long time. And I hope we manage to keep the power. On the picture you see one of the foremost Norwegian musicians, drummer, percussion players, man: Helge Andreas Norbakken, wiping the stage in a stinky dirty cellar/studionumber at venue Stadtgarten in Köln before set up on a stage that did not have the equipment we needed. But the good guy at the place managed to get a new mixer, more microphones and a reverb. Good work from him. This happened after driving from Vienna (only four hours sleep in Passau), to play this concert (check the distance on a map). I would also like to thank the people that showed up. Again an audience that gave us power to play the concert through. It was another good one.


Anonymous Anonym said...

Looking forward to your consert in Oslo. Listening future... over Oslo. Thanks for your music - sound touch soul tracks.
Don't say you are falling in between chairs. Some people don't need chairs. Your music opening ears. I'm going to Oslo the first day in november. Looking forward to experience live.

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