08 oktober 2007


PLAUEN-WIEN (concert)
I am writing this in the night. At 03.25. This by many reasons, but mainly because I can´t write in the buss because of my MAC-battery, and that it sometimes is hard to find internet-zones in Germany. Hotels with this must be a prior for the next tour.Today we have been driving over one thousand kilometer. FIrst from Plauen to Wien where we did a very very good concert at Porgy&Bess, then back to Passau (where the last poem in my poetry book was written). I am not able to write much more. I need to sleep because we go back on the road again heading for Köln at eight o´clock tomorrow morning. This is another six hundred kilometer. We try to get some sleep in the car and everywhere else. But it is not easy. The seats in the Sprinter is terrible. Gjermund did it this way: The bass-sleeper
I am coming back with thaughts about how healthy this life is - later on.