10 oktober 2007


After a good and not too short nights sleep: fit for fight again. Breakfast (alone :-) in the Hotel Chelsea where we stayed. Then had a radio-interview with journalist Kerstin Kilanowski. Nice to speak to her. The others came down for breakfast late. Departure time was 12.00. Some had problems eating this morning. All members of the band know this feeling - and we offered Helge to sit in front of the car this day. He did not say a word for many hours working to get through it all. He finalize with a street performance in centrum of Köln - just outside a Konditorei. Say no more. We went to a music shop. Olav baught HD recorders and head sets and I got an upgrade for my Logic. I am inspired to compose a lot of new songs to this band the coming winter. Ready for it now. I only need to buy a new Mac too - when I come home. I miss my girls very much now. It´s a long time not seeing them. I am glad that friday is home turning day. We came a bit late to Schloss Landestrost in Neustadt because of the shopping - but what a place to come too. Life is for shure is full of contrasts. Beautiful venue with very nice people. The venue was packed with over 100 people and we did get extremely positive response. For my own playing I think this concert is one I am most happy with (so far), - and the band played like holy Gods! he he. A lot of new things happened - and the music gets in a way better and better - clearer and clearer. A fantastic night. We finished with a late visit to a wonderful Italian restaurant where Ingo sorted out a bottle of Amarone. We shared this bottle and this wonderful glass of wine made the day perfect. We all stumbled into the hotel and I think I fell asleep on my way down on the sheet.