12 oktober 2007


Smooth drive to Paderborn where we found our way to what some people call a hotel. A place you try to avoid going to has long as possible (but it was nice (and necessary) to have some schnapps late night on the bed - with Joachim, Olav and Helge). We had nice Italien lunch and this owner of the restaurant was a very funny guy. He made jokes all the time - and top moment was when he brought a fake coffee-drink to the table and "by accident" lost it. Gjermund was quick and catched the fake plastic-cream-top in his hand - and we laughed like mads. I guess we in one way where ( or are :-) mad too. After so long time traveling and playing, traveling and playing, traveling and playing. You get a rigid sense of humor, hard to explain - and I will not try it.
We could have played on and on – but I think we all need one or even two days off :-) Some of the band members don´t get this. Gjermund goes directly to USA and some gigs, and Håkon is on the road again sunday evening for another two weeks in Norway, playing traditional solo tunes, touring with two other fiddlers. Olav is soon back in Germany playing with singer Kristin Asbjørnsen. I guess Helge also comes back very soon. Busy guys for shure.
The Paderborn-concert was a nice final end of the tour. Very nice atmosphere - and fantastic response. Ingo worked like hell the hole evening - on a shitty PA. He made it work.
I am writing this at the airport in Hannover. On my way home. I look forward to it. Some pictures from the Tour will come her a bit later. Thanks for following The URBS Tour 2007.