30 september 2007


The tour started 04.15 in the morning by the mobilephone alarmclock. Clothes ready, my suitcase and equipment placed out in the hall. Picked up by the band taxi 25 minutes later. A lot of people at the airport. Autumn holiday for Norwegians. No problem with our overweight luggage – lucky us. They are nice at Gardermoen – the SAS people. At least now and then. A kind of breakfast on the plane to Copenhagen. Catched another plane, then suddenly Hamburg (I guess I fell asleep again). We got all our instruments and luggage, and driver Roland and sound engineer Ingo picked us up whit the Sprinter. They had been driving 800 kilometers througout the night. Now we where 6 people, only missing one of the band members coming from Bergen. When arriving Lüchow and hotel, mr. Høgemo fiddler called and said that his flight to Hamburg was cancelled. Not so nice SAS people. He had to go to Hannover – and take a train. He arrived two hours before concerts start. We where ready.
It´s not easy to explain all the reasons or non-reasons for playing a good concert. I think the opening-concert on our Urbs Tour at the Platenlaase was (again at this club) extraordiner! I have a very nice feeling for it. The audience was fantastic and gave us such enorm power this evening. We all where tired before we entered the stage, but at once felt the energy coming from the audience. We had a real good night – and I think people who was there (about 160) will remember. We had a so-called late dinner at Joachims place. He can cook that man. Very nice food, Very nice people. It was not a problem to fall asleep about 3 o´clock in the night.

German sentence of the day: ”Such nicht den witz an der wand, der grösste witz hast du in der hand”
From autobahn pissoar (mens room).