12 september 2007

Welcome to my URBS Tour Blog

I´ve been doing this for two years (written this blog), but only for people that read Norwegian :-) If you did not know: LYDKUNST means SOUNDART.
This is the first blog in english from me, should have been in German -because I am now preparing for the big Urbs Tour mainly in Germany this autumn, and I thaught it might be of some interest, for some people, to follow the Tour here. I´ll try to write some words and publish some pictures from the Tour - as it goes on. Close to two weeks from now we are on the road. The tour schedule is here below - so come back and feel free to make comments too. I hope you will show up on my concerts. Be heartly welcome!

satd. 29.9. Wendland, Platenlaase
sund. 30.9.Einbeck-Sülbeck, Beim Esel
mond. 1.10. Fulda, Kreuz
tuesd. 2.10. – day off
wednesd. 3.10. Rüsselsheim, das Rind
thursd. 4.10 Berlin, Kulturbrauerei
frid.5.10. Leipzig, Jazztage
satd. 6.10. Plauen, Malzhaus
sund.7.10. Wien, Porgy&Bess
mond.8.10. Köln, Stadtgarten
tuesd. 9.10. Neustadt, schloss Landestrost
wednd.10.10. Bochum, Banhof Langedreer
thursd. 11.10. Paderborn, schloss Neuhaus