27 september 2007

last night in sogndal

many things or many words could be written, will be written, to be read
I was really deeply touched by the music from Chiwoniso Maraire tonight - and Chirikure Chirikure Great Poet
- and they where in sogndal - out of all places. I got them here. crazy. I feel very happy that it happened
great performers, such nice people, such great artists. we need them -
this is my last night here. what more to say than: I want to go home -
the day - and the week as been......... filled with so many thaughts and things. complex?
I must enclose a picture that says more than words about the way people, or students, participated in International Week.
a week arranged to put focus on united nations eight goals for a better world - to be fulfilled in 2015. say no more about the students in sogndal. a very good photo by eivind hauge it is (more to come from him)