27 oktober 2008

URBS TOUR 08. Day eleven: Leopoldsburg

Again: early on the road and not to much sleep. We all was a bit tired. All these airports and their procedures. How many times have we done what has to be done, and how many hours have I used in my life in airports? When you travel with music-instruments its always much more "heavy" than travelling ordinary. We need a lot more time. And there is much more waiting. Munich - Brüssels flight OK. We made it again and Thomas picked us up and drove us to Leopoldsburg. I got the time to run - for the fifth time on the tour. And I feel very well about it. A culture center was the venue - and it was nice to meet Roger Bouwens again. We did a god last performance - even if we where a bit tired. AND: we got the best lunch on the hole tour, and also a fantastic pasta-course for dinner. Very very very good. The evening ended over a glass of Belgium tapperst beer. Håkon smiled and said it was the best beer he ever had tasted. It looked like we only got four to five hours sleep the last night too. Had to be early on the road to avoid the heavy heavy traficc in Brüssels. There are too many cars. And I want to go home.


Blogger Hans said...

For me, the concert was a wonderful experience! It was great seeing you all play that beautiful music. It will be about 4 years ago, somebody in a CD shop in Voss advised me to by New North. It was great when I came home and heard the music. I ordered afterwards more of your CD's and last year in Brussels I saw you playing for the first time on, a festival, where you played at a too little stage. I'm sure your music would have sounded even greater on the main stage.
This evening in Leopoldsburg I could listen better to your music and loved every minute of it. You all played very well, and it was good to see your drummer, playing like someone in a toyshop!

Thansk also very much for the very nice DVD, what is a very nice rememberence to this great concert. I hope you will come back very soon.
Hans Kottelaar - Heerlen - the Netherlands

9:54 p.m.  

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