21 oktober 2008

URBS TOUR 08. Day five: Travelling day

The guys kept the spirit all night - but finally crashed in an airplane-seat about 05.30 in the morning taking off from Skopje to Ljubliana. I think they had great fun. We had no problems going back to Frankfurt - and all the way to Salderatzen in Wendland most of us slept in the seat. Arriving in the afternoon I was happy that the musicians seemed to like the place very much. We had some problems concerning the equipment for the recording and so on - but it was solved. We had a nice meal planning the days to come. Extremely early, to be these guys, all went to bed. I had a nice chat with my friend Joachim - who is promoting the concert on wednesday, and is really taking good care of us in all manners. And two dutch puppet actors joined in, before it was time to sleep. I went into "my" blue room. Staying in Salderatzen for the third time. It´s a very quiet and nice place.