18 oktober 2008

URBS TOUR 08: Day two: Jena

A smooth travel - after not too many hours sleep. We drove with drummer Kenneths car to Gardermoen. New rules for overweight luggage: music instruments - so we used some time, but the extra costs for six "small" instruments was reasonable. Short fligh to CPH - then from CPH to Tegel in Berlin. Thomas and Ingo met us at airport, with a very nice Tour van (much better than last year!), with plenty of space, nice seats, and even power supply for our Mac´s. Luxury? Traffic jam - stau, but we reached Jena in time to get a reasonable sound check, sharing stage with Susanna Wallumrød trio at Volksbad. A former swimmin pool where the leader of the festival THomas had learned to swim! Now the pool was the floor for the audience. Very nice venue. Very nice treatment and very nice audience. We all where a bit tired but it was so good to play - and suddenly more than one hour of music was done....... Concerts - being on stage pass by so fast, sometimes. It´s good to be in Germany. I like very much to play here.


Anonymous Anonym said...

I heard your consert in Norway. Your music is deep and mooving

5:23 p.m.  

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