26 oktober 2008

URBS TOUR 08. Day ten: Munchen

Photo from Unterfahrt October 2008: Fabian / music-pixx.de
Early on our way to Munchen. Some problem with the flights and check-in - Ingo was not booked in! and I was a bit shaky for some minutes - but we got ticket, and all was OK. Arriving Munchen I had some hours to walk in the city center by myself. Walked down to Marienplatz and watched the busy saturday life. I came by the Pfeifen Huber im tal - pipe shop, and could not resist going in, and off course I came out with a new pipe and some special pipe tobacco. I love those shops - not many left. Pipe smoking is not a growing activity I think.
It was great to meet Christiane and come to Unterfahrt again. Two years since last time. What a great club and great audience. Very special atmosphere. So friendly. Some glasses of wine and a nice chat with Christiane before a short nights sleep - into the last touring day with these guys.
We had much fun: everone had to make a drawing-self portrait. have a look!