25 oktober 2008

URBS TOUR 08. Day nine: Copenhagen, Vanløse

We got a kind of breakfast and went to Copenhagen and Valby: Hotel Fy&Bi, close to Nordisk film. A nice and charming hotel. We had the time to go in to the city. I went to different banks to transfer some money - cash, into my account but it was not possible! Five banks said no - we can not do it, you need an account in this bank etcetera etcetera. Banks? What do they do? I can´t understand this. Have to find how to do it in the future. Vanløse Kulturhus showed up as a good venue. Everything was fine. I´d hoped for some more people but the ones who came was entusiastic. I am very pleased and happy that I did this two first gigs in Denmark with the quintet, and hope some doors will open in the future so that it will be possible to come back.
Who knows. The tour this year has been going so fast. Suddenly it is only two gigs left. Looking much forward to go to Unterfahrt in Munich again.