24 oktober 2008

URBS TOUR 08. Day eight: Hillerød

In the tour van for many hours - after a last breakfast and goodbye to Joachim and the people at Salderatzen. The trip to Denmark went fine and we came to Hillerød in time, and was met by Jens Rømer and his nice crew. Klaverfabrikken is a very nice place with friendly music lovers. We had - again - a very good concert and due to that it was the first time I played in Denmark with this band it was very good response. So nice atmosphere the hole evening. We went to Grundvig Højskole late in the night and the accomandation, the rooms did not show up to be the best we´ve seen. To be honest it was bad, and needed to be restored. It was also very cold, but after a bit red wine I guess we all fell asleep -