19 oktober 2008

URBS TOUR 08: Day three: Erfurt

Started the day with........ running. I had too. It is some years since the last time I was out running - these cause of many reasons. I am not in very bad shape - because I mainly walk - when I am home in Oslo, not in a good shape either. But the life on tour is much more "not moving your body" activity. So many hours sitting in a tour van, an airplane, airports, backstage, or in restaurants,coffee shops and bars :-). Sitting Sitting Sitting (on stage I move a bit). I decided ahead of going on tour, that a change has to happen - and I started today. A bit proud now, yes. It was good. I managed 25 minutes but took it easy. Remebered it was the first time. I runned in a nice park in Jena call Paradises. Not a bad place to start running.
I like Erfurt. Meister Eckhard use to be here......some years ago.

We played in a house - the Rathouse - where Napoleon - among many other "historical persons" have been. I could feel it. I walked in the city in the afternoon - before I knew, remember what I have read about Erfurt. Lovely warm audience. Something special. To play in that room. I think we did a good gig. Fantastic response. Warm. The band is great ;-)
And very good food afterwards - in SIJU (?) restaurant - where I read on a poster,: next week the Norwegian chef-team will participate in the chef-olympics to be held here in Erfurt - in Siju. I had Flammenkuchen: feuer und flammen! Excellent. And a good glas of white wine. We have to go to Macedonia at 05.30. Heavy work. But great work. I hope I get the change to come back to Erfurt to play concerts again.