20 oktober 2008

URBS TOUR 08. Day four: Skopje

INGO RAU is this smiling, happy, good sound engineer on tour.

In the middle of the night and I just arrived back from the Macedonian Opera House where we had concert. A nice venue. Concert tonight was a bit up and down - for my own playing - but very good response from the entusiastic audience. A good festival the Skopje Jazzfestival. We are very well treated in all ways. Heavy travelling though. We had to go from Erfurt at 5.30 - and we go from hotel here - back to Frankfurt via Ljubliana at.... guess: 04.00. That is threeandahalf hours from now. Say no more. The other guys went on a disco to hear Norwegian club music - drinking Ozo. I wish them all the best ;-) Three hours sleep is not much, but still. It is three hours. Tomorrow is travelling day - maybe we will set up something to prepare for the recording. Who knows. Maybe people are to "destroyed". I look forward to come to Salderatzen anyhow. Good night!