10 november 2010

Germany part of Ossicles Tour, rapport tre

We´ve already done four concerts in Germany - all very different. Starting out on a nice Jazzfestival in Göttingen and played for a crowded house on the Deutsche Theater. A intense listening audience gave fantastic response on our playing and we had a very nice time both on stage and when not on stage! Then we drove to Dresden and entered Dreiköhningskirke. Total different sound and place and audience. It worked out well. A great challenge and experience to play in a church like that. We managed to do the music even more dynamic and powerful. I am very happy about that gig. Then Berlin and B flat. A nice club, but we played with a bad deal and the promotor had not done any extra to get people on a monday. Anyhow it will be remembered as one of the best gigs on the tour - I am quite shure about that. Tuesday: it was wonderful to come to Unterfahrt Jazzclub again - in Munich. What a great audience. All of us a bit tired driving that long distance - and being out on tour for a week. But the second set was nice. We lifted ourselves up and got good feedback. The band has growing every evening. We have fun. Great fun. Tonight: Beavers. Picture from B flat in Berlin.